We’ve gone all dotcom!

4th February 2019


As part of our brand refresh we’ve decided to convert to our new dotcom cablineuk.com domain. The dotcom switch is for several reasons, but primarily because as a business, whilst our core focus is still likely to be the UK, our spread and reach will be becoming more International in the future. We have identified some great International partners which will enable us to provide services in many new territories, including most major European Cities and beyond. We’ll be announcing in more detail about our new International services very soon. Therefore the cablineuk.com domain both signifies and retains our UK base and origins, with the .com demonstrating our newly formed global outlook. It will also take away any confusion between the ‘uk’ in our name and the ‘uk’ in .co.uk. No longer will we have to explain “yes that’s definitely,“cablineuk.co.uk”. We think ultimately “cablineuk.com” is much simpler and sounds a whole lot better.

Don’t worry if you e-mail us on our old .co.uk addresses however these will automatically forward to our new .com e-mails, so we won’t miss anything! If you want to update your e-mail address book (and we recommend that you do), just bear in mind that our names now have a dot in between so what was: joebloggs@cablineuk.co.uk is now: joe.bloggs@cablineuk.com