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Who Are Cabline UK Ltd

Cabline UK are the UK's leading provider of fully managed taxi services. Our service enables the client to book a taxi, minibus or coach 24 hours a day, 7 days a week hassle free. You can pre-book with us by phone, fax, e-mail, web and now even via smartphone!

If you need transport urgently, then the Cabline UK 24/7 control centre can mobilise a vehicle quickly and efficiently. We supply all vehicle types at short notice and we are proud of our ability to respond to emergency requests faster than any other provider for any location within the UK.

We manage, approve and fully vet every supplier on our partner network. We also document every part of the booking life cycle, so that you the client receives one single fully itemised invoice. Each of your cost centres, departments or individual users can receive bespoke Management Information Reports to suit your needs.

Do you need Cabline UK?

Many of our current clients say to us they would have started using our service much sooner had they known about it before! Many corporate businesses and organisations are unaware that such an innovative and useful service such as ours is available to them on a UK wide basis. Once a client begins using our service, they don’t go back to booking via their old inefficient ways!

As a business ask yourself the following questions, if you answer yes to any of them, you too could be benefiting from opening an account with Cabline UK.

  • Q.1 Does your business need to book taxis regularly for business purposes?
  • Q.2 Is it difficult keeping track of costs and individual receipts etc?
  • Q.3 Does your business want a clear travel policy that includes taxis and ground transport that protects you and your employees?
  • Q.4 Does your business need transportation from more than one area of the UK?
  • Q.5 Does your business often need to provide road transport for either your staff and/or customers at short notice?
  • Q.6 Does your business often spend valuable time and resource both sourcing supply and handling the subsiquent administration of your road transport requirements?
  • Q.7 Do you sometimes think about your ground transportation requirements and wonder; “There must be an easier way to manage all of this?”

Why Cabline UK?

So if you’ve got this far the remaining question you might have is why should I use Cabline UK?

Well we truly are the leading provider of UK taxi services with the largest supplier network in the UK. Our dedication to service quality and standards, coupled with our ability to save clients time and money means there really is only one choice for UK wide taxi booking.

In summary household names such as The AA, Network Rail, AIG, National Express and Enterprise Car Hire, to name just a few utilise our services because:-

  • Experience. We are the most experienced nationwide taxi supplier and have been successfully delivering managed taxi services on a UK wide basis since 2004.
  • Proven nationwide capability and coverage. We have several hundred approved suppliers allowing a full UK wide response.
  • Quality assured business - We are an ISO 9001 certified business accredited by QMS International. We are also currently in the process of achieving ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 certification as a demonstration of our ongoing commitment towards quality.
  • Reliable partner network. We have developed the right relationship with key suppliers to enable consistent supply to all of our clients
  • 24/7 operational control support with highly skilled staff who are familiar with every aspect of ground transportation supply.
  • Account Management – Each client is assigned a contract manager that oversees all aspects of the account and ensures all feedback is proactively managed.
  • Cost control and visibility – Our clients receive fully itemised invoices and bespoke Management Information and KPI reporting to ensure maximum efficiencies are gained and demonstrated.

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