The challenge

  •  The client runs a large fleet of trucks and vans, in a ‘just in time’ environment. Any loss of vehicles or drivers causes immediate logistical issues that need to be resolved with a quick response. The client would use a combination of their own internal fleet and staff along with the support of fleet maintenance suppliers, grey fleet and taxi suppliers to help keep their logistical operations moving. If a truck needs maintenance or was out of action for whatever reason, being able to get a driver to the nearest available vehicle quickly would solve many problematic operational issues.



  • Cabline provided pre-booked taxis planned daily in advance to match the client’s maintenance planning schedules. The client could also make use of the 24/7 emergency response aspect of our service by booking ad-hoc taxis for unforeseen circumstances such as staff shortages, movement of parts or breakdowns. If a breakdown occurred they were able to let the maintenance support provider tow away the vehicle and get the driver back to a suitable depot to continue working rather than stay stranded or be forced to travel with the maintenance vehicle. All taxis could be booked and monitored centrally from the clients transport planning centre via our customer portal.



  • By opening an account with Cabline, the client had immediate access to taxis on demand, which enabled a change in their approach to the issue of stranded staff and drivers. They could now plan maintenance of vehicles much easier, knowing they could always get a driver to a vehicle when needed. Cabline’s service also enabled them to use staff and drivers more efficiently where previously they would use a fleet vehicle with two drivers to travel to collect another vehicle, they could now plan these vehicle collections  (or drop offs) with one driver only using a taxi, freeing up a staff member and utilising staff hours more efficiently.
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