The challenge

  • Our client wanted to replace their company vans with an all electric fleet to help reduce their CO2 profile and also reduce the size of their overall fleet. To enable this it entailed keeping the electric vans on charge at the clients HQ premises. Previously on call engineers would keep the company vans on their driveways at home, but now the electric vans needed to be kept at the business premises on charge. The new reduced fleet size also meant that they could not afford vans to be sat around largely unused.




  • With the client able to access Cabline’s on demand mobility solution at any time and at any location within the UK, it enabled them to get their on call engineers transported into their HQ quickly and then jump in to a fully charged electric powered vehicle to get to the on call incident without delay. Upon completion of a job the engineers would book a taxi home or back to their own vehicle allowing them to continue their onward journey. Likewise the ability to order on demand taxis whenever required meant that the impact of the reduction in fleet size did not cause any issues and enabled them to get their mobile engineers to and from sites quickly and efficiently without the cost of an expensive fleet that was sat largely idle or unused.




  • The solution enabled the client to reduce their fleet size, overall CO2 emissions and fleet costs. The solution also introduced greater flexibility to their working practices and also added an extra layer of contingency to their operations. On-demand taxis complimenting their operations also enabled the client to solve short term staff mobility issues quickly and easily.
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